Which MultiChannel Selling Software Is Right for Your Business?
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eCommerce Managers usually like to sell products on multiple marketplaces to boost sales and revenue. Managing multiple marketplaces manually is overwhelming and the chances of human errors are high. To overcome this, you need to find a centralized platform to manage your listings on multiple sales channels and keep track of various issues related to selling in multiple channels. To accomplish this goal, you need to get a multichannel selling software. Multichannel selling software is a comprehensive tool that helps sellers manage their listings, sales, and operations across multiple channels. This software centralizes inventory management, order processing, and customer data to a single dashboard to allow business to sell their products on diverse platforms with ease.

There is a diverse range of multichannel selling software available on the market to choose from. It is not possible to name one best multichannel-selling software as the requirements and budget of each seller vary. You need to choose a multichannel selling software considering your business size, and existing sales channels.  Most of the multichannel selling software provides free trials and demos nowadays. You will be able to try demos to identify the functionality and usability before choosing a software.

A Few Top-Rated Multichannel Selling Software Follows:

1. VendorElite:

Vendorelite helps eCommerce businesses list products with ease across multiple sales channels. You will be able to centralize inventory, product listing, and order processing in a single dashboard. The software interface is easy to use, so you can easily manage your listing and the real-time inventory update across multiple sales channels prevents overselling. VendorElite Multichannel Selling Software is compatible with the most popular marketplaces like Amazon, NewEgg, eBay, Google, Yahoo, Walmart, etc. This software is most sought-after by most medium and large multichannel sellers around the globe.

2. ChannelAdvisor:

With a set of enterprise-grade tools, this multichannel selling software is suitable for small and medium businesses. This software synchronizes and automates listings across multiple channels including Walmart, Amazon, Google, Facebook, eBay, etc. The inventory management solution it offers is worth a mention.

3. CedCommerce:

It helps e-commerce managers push their online product data to almost all popular marketplaces around the globe. This software is SaaS and plugin-based, so sellers can push data to the sales channels according to the guidelines of each marketplace. CedCommerce also helps to prevent overselling and allows sellers to accept orders automatically. Real-time inventory update across multiple sales channels is its main feature.

4. SellerActive:

It is another well-known multichannel selling software that integrates into the most popular marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc. This software concentrates mainly on direct sales and comes with a repricing tool, inventory management options, and order fulfillment. You will be able to create listings and manage the listings across multiple channels through a single dashboard.

5. Sellware:

It is another multichannel selling software famous for offering multichannel listing, inventory management, and order processing. It can be integrated with major marketplaces such as Amazon, Magento, Zen Cart, OSCommerce, eBay, and ShipStation. It is not the cheapest option, especially for small e-commerce sellers. The features are less when compared to its competitors. This software comes without billing or shipping management options, and there is no real-time inventory management option.

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