How does VendorElite help you with your multichannel selling?
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The use of multiple sales platforms to sell products is termed multichannel selling.  Nowadays, most businesses use multiple platforms to sell products, communicate with customers, and engage the audience effectively. The multichannel platform includes both digital and physical channels. Recent surveys say that over 47% of online purchases are happening through online marketplaces. Most customers who purchase online for the first time prefer to buy products from an online marketplace and a majority of them do repeat purchases through the same sales channel.

Multichannel selling will increase your exposure to potential customers and thereby increase the chances for sales. eCommerce business owners are aware that online buyers never stick to one sales channel for shopping, so most brands choose multiple sales channels to reach more customers regardless of their location. Harvard Business Review conducted a study on multichannel selling and found that the majority of customers visit multiple channels to find their preferred products. Multichannel selling is the most convincing method to grow your market shares and improve your sales drastically. A multichannel selling strategy is a must for businesses now to reach more customers around the globe. If you are an eCommerce business owner who wants to boost your sales, multichannel selling is the best option.

Selling your product on multiple sales channels is not an easy task. Managing data and inventory in multiple sales channels might lead to human errors like overselling of products. The customers will not be happy if you fail to deliver their order on time. So, it is advised to automate the process of multichannel selling using multichannel selling software.  This software can integrate all your product data into one easy and accessible platform. Data will automatically flow across the sales channels and the real-time update on inventory across the sales channels helps to eradicate overselling and underselling of your products.

There is a wide range of multichannel selling software available on the market to choose from. Vendorelite Multichannel Selling Software is one of the top-rated software that most eCommerce business owners choose because of its user-friendly interface. Easy integration with all the marketplaces made Vendorelite popular among business owners around the globe. You can integrate all your shopping carts, service providers, and marketplaces into Vendorelite in just one click. Vendorelite allows you to integrate all leading multichannel platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Bonanza, Google, Yahoo, Walmart, Newegg, etc.

The inventory manager in Vendorelite helps you maintain accurate inventory across all the platforms. You don’t have to worry about overselling your product anymore. All your product data will be stored on a central location and you can amend the listings on the platform. The changes will appear across the sales channels in seconds. Vendorelite’s order manager allows you to check the orders from multiple channels through the platform. You will be able to create invoices and labels on the platform as well. Leading shipping companies like, FedEx, DHL, USPS, and UPS are pre-integrated on the platform to expedite the shipping process. Vendorelite is a must for all eCommerce business owners to take their business to the next level.

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