What Are The Most Common Multichannel E-Commerce Platforms?
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Innovative e-commerce businesses have already transformed the way people shop. As per studies conducted in the US, over 10% of retail sales are through e-commerce. By 2025, the e-commerce sales will grow further to 25%. The e-commerce business model allows business and consumers to sell their products through their online storefront. Multichannel e-commerce is widely used these days to target customers around the globe through various sales channels. This sales strategy will improve the reach of products to a wide range of audiences globally and increase conversion rates. Multichannel e-commerce allows people to buy their preferred products online from the comfort of their homes either using a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Even though multichannel e-commerce has been around for some time, it has become more popular among business owners in recent years along with the boom of social media and mobile devices. Multichannel e-commerce can cater to both business-to-business and business-to-consumer categories.

There are a lot of e-commerce selling platforms available online now. Among them, Amazon, eBay, and Google are very popular among e-commerce business owners. Following are some of the most preferred e-commerce platforms by brands globally.

Online Marketplaces


As per the recent reports, Amazon is the most popular marketplace used by most brands. This marketplace allows you to make your brand visible to millions of customers globally. You will be able to list almost everything on this platform, from electronics to fashion items. Reports say the average time users spend on the Amazon website is around 7 minutes and each user visits at least 9 pages per visit. Page-per-visit engagement metrics are calculated by the total number of views on the website divided by the total number of visitors. Around 34% of the visitors leave the website after visiting a single page.


Similar to Amazon, eBay is another popular marketplace most e-commerce business owners like to list. This website also allows you to list whatever you want to sell. With regards to user engagement rates, the average time that users spend on the website is around 6 minutes, and usually, each visitor checks at least 6 pages per visit. The bounce rate is over 37%, which means 37% of the visitors leave the site after viewing just a single page.

Google Shopping Ads:

It is one of the most effective ways to attract customers through the search result page. You can list your products under the shopping section. When customers search for similar items, your product also will be displayed among the search results.

Website/Online Shopping Cart System:

Setting up a well-designed e-commerce website will help a lot to increase revenue. It is an effective way to sell your products directly to customers without intermediaries. Make sure the site has good speed and functionality.

Traditional mean of multichannel selling is not recommended as most business owner don’t have enough time and energy to maintain each sales channel manually. It is highly recommended to use multichannel selling software like Vendorelite to gain the trust of more customers.

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