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Multichannel e-commerce helps customers around the globe to shop and purchase their preferred products through any sales channels of their preference. Traditional multichannel selling is limited to selling through brick-and-mortar stores, by phone, email, catalogs, etc.  For instance, a brand that sells its items to a retailer will have to share the catalog with them. The retailer then needs to contact the brand to make their order through phone or email. The whole process is manual and requires a lot of paperwork and manpower. Moreover, this manual process is more prone to mistakes and misunderstandings.

In this digital world, it is vital to establish a strong multichannel sales strategy to enhance customer experience, business performance, and profitability. In multichannel selling, brands use multiple sales platforms to sell their products. By selling through physical and digital sales channels, brands can enhance their market presence and reach more customers. Common sales channels include own websites, e-commerce stores, social media, email, search engines, cold calling, catalogs, brick-and-mortar stores, etc. The brands need to connect with potential customers on the sales channels they prefer to use. Expanding your business to several sales channels that your target audiences use will improve the sales and buying experience. It is likely for customers to purchase if they find your brand present in their favorite sales platform.

Multichannel selling is suitable for all business models. Almost all businesses use multichannel selling to some extent. More than half of the brands use more than 3 sales channels to sell their products.

The reasons for expanding business to multiple sales channels include.

Enhanced Brand Visibility

Expanding the brand presence to more sales channels provides customers the opportunity to see a brand’s products in different sales channels they prefer. Nowadays, many companies expand their business to multiple sales channels without incurring additional costs. Most of them post on social media, and use SEO to increase the brand visibility on search engines, and other organic marketing options. You can do it for free if you want. It is beneficial for businesses with limited budgets.

Market Expansion

If you are doing single-channel sales, you lose potential customers especially when you introduce new products or features. It is very important to expand your business to several sales channels suitable for your business to reach more customers as most customers search multiple platforms before making a purchase.

Increase in Revenue

If your brand’s revenue is not satisfying, it is important to try an expansion to more sales channels. Multichannel selling is now a remedy for poor revenue performance as it generates revenue if managed properly. As per the recent review, B2B brands selling through multiple sales channels achieved 24% higher revenue and over 300% performance increase compared to those depending on a single channel

More Data on Customer Behavior

Online sales channels collect customer data always, so you can easily know the customer behavior to make required changes. You will be able to see the data including how long the customer spends on your webpage, whether they download certain content, and their preferences.


To get the desired benefit from multichannel selling, it is not advised to manually manage it. If you manage it manually, there are high chances of human errors. Also, you can’t achieve desired sales or revenue if you are not doing multichannel selling right. The use of multichannel selling software to manage multichannel selling is always recommended as it helps you make your listing error-free and unique across the sales channels.

VendorElite is one of the top-class multichannel selling software most businesses choose in the US because of its efficiency. It allows integration into the most popular online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and NewEgg, to name a few. The easy-to-use dashboard allows you to manage all your sales channels from a single location with ease.

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