What Vendor Elite eCommerce Offers?
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At Vendor Elite, we offer the following features to help you manage your sales with the following:

  • Purchase management
  • Shipping management
  • Order fulfillment
  • Inventory management
  • Order management
  • Warehouse management
  • Price management
  • Security and fraud protection
  • Free marketplace

And many more features – all at affordable cost.

Inventory Management:

       With our inventory management, you can keep accurate inventory across all eCommerce platforms, prevent over-selling with our smart, reserved inventory stock buffers, combine product listing, change the titles of the listing across all e-commerce multi-channels and also easily change and link base SKUs via aliases to different SKU codes for the same product across the different marketplaces.

Order Management:

      Here, you can process all of your orders from one dashboard. We help you ship all your eCommerce marketplace orders from a single seller panel in bulk and update tracking. You also get labels and invoices created automatically. You will also have accurate order tracking updates for all marketplaces. Also, you can easily upgrade shipping options for expedited services, auto-signature confirmation, and auto-combined orders from the same customer, even if they make orders from different marketplaces.

Purchase Management:

      We provide a smart order manager based on the preset pack and capacity quantity. This helps you do an inventory check-in, easy bulk or individual product supplier update, and manage supplier discount, handling, and exchange rates.

Shipping Management:

     We have several pre-integrated courier partners, from UPS, USPS, and DHL to FedEx and Stamps.com. All you have to do is to add your account credentials, and you are ready to go. You can also automatically search for the best rates from our pre-integrated courier partners or use a preset selection. You can also create new shipping labels and delete old ones, get your shipping labels reprinted, and also add multiple shipping labels for an order. This also does not require any other additional and costly software or Ship station.

Order Fulfilment:

       You can create bulk order invoices and shipping labels. You can also create or scan shipping labels to ensure that your orders are shipped to the right customer and scan products to ensure that only the right quantity and items are processed. You can also scan the order number from the invoice and create individual or bulk order products by picking them with defined item locations.

Warehouse Management:

      With warehouse management, you can keep accurate inventory, carry out bulk edits for various inventory locations, preset capacity in several locations, and carry out manual or automatic location updates.

Price Management:

      We help you accurately calculate costs and prices for individual or bulk products. With preset variables, you can get shipping costs, handling, exchange rates, prices, and much more. We also have a set formula that helps calculate individual marketplace stores’ prices and sets automatic price updates when certain variables change.


      We have simple and affordable pricing for any scale business: the first 30 orders you receive per month are always free; after that, you only have to pay $0.08 per order.

Security and Fraud Protection:

     With these features, you can add or remove access for individual employees and assign employee access to specific pages. You will also get warnings for fraudulent and cheating customers and also get warnings for demanding customers and undeliverable addresses.

What are you waiting for? Start getting more sales with Vendor Elite, enhance the shopping experience of your online shoppers, increase your brand’s visibility, and get more sales opportunities.

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