How to Optimize Inventory Management in Multichannel Selling Software
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Also known as multi-source inventory, multichannel inventory management is the process of keeping track of inventory stored in multiple locations such as e-commerce websites, online marketplaces, brick-and-mortar shops, etc. Proper inventory management is very important to make multichannel selling successful. Manual inventory update is easy when you sell through a single sales channel. However, when your business expands to several online and offline sales channels, inventory management will become more challenging.

A single inventory, a single set of sales data and a single set of product listing is enough when you sell through a single sales channel. However, the scenario changes when you expand your business to multiple sales channels. You are responsible to ensure you don’t oversell. The quantity of listed products on the sales channels must match the quantity available in your distribution warehouse. This process becomes more complex each time you add a new sales channel. Allowing your customers to order from any platform, reliable delivery on time and never running out of stock are the key goals of multichannel inventory management.

Multichannel inventory management software plays an important role in managing inventory across multiple sales channels. It helps business owners ensure all the listed items are in stock, orders are delivered on time and the customers are happy. Multichannel selling software can be integrated with your e-commerce platform and online marketplaces to overcome this.

Centralized Inventory Management:

Multichannel selling software can eliminate or reduce the challenges of inventory management in multichannel selling. When using multichannel selling software, you will be able to see inventory across multiple platforms through a single dashboard. This allows business owners to keep track of the inventory, ensuring it is updated and thereby reducing the risk of overselling.

Automation of Order:

Multichannel selling software automates the order fulfillment process based on your workflows. For example, the software chooses the fulfillment method or warehouse based on the channel where the order is received and the delivery address.

Improves visibility:

Business owners can access the stock level across all their sales channels and warehouses from the centralized dashboard. Most software shows real-time sales impact on the inventory. This improved visibility of inventory helps business owners decide on what items need to be restocked and where the sales happen.

Provides insights:

Data is crucial for all e-commerce businesses. To optimize the inventory, the business owner should be aware of the fast-moving items, the items that are not moving and the inventory changes based on seasons and trends. These insights allow business owners to forecast demand and prepare the stock in advance.

Better customer experience:

Make your products available for your customers wherever they want to make the purchase, whether it be from your website, physical shop, online marketplaces, or anywhere else. You are responsible for providing them with the same experience on all sales channels. So, real-time inventory management is necessary to provide you with real-time visibility for improving customer experience.

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