Product Location Manager in VendorElite Inventory Management Software
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The Product Location Manager feature allows administrators, store managers and department managers to control store trading hours. It provides strategic indoor location insights in relation to people and space. The Product Location Manager is a feature in VendorElite, the multichannel software allows users to efficiently manage and track the physical locations of their products across multiple channels and marketplaces. It is designed to streamline inventory management and improve overall operational efficiency for online retailers.

With the Product Location Manager, users can assign specific locations or storage areas to their products within their warehouses or fulfillment centers. This enables them to easily locate and retrieve items when fulfilling orders or conducting inventory audits.

Key features and functionalities of the Product Location Manager in VendorElite include:
  • Centralized Inventory Control: Users can manage and control their entire inventory from a single dashboard, regardless of the number of sales channels or marketplaces they operate on. They can view and update product locations across various warehouses or storage facilities.
  • Location Assignment: Users can assign specific locations to individual products or groups of products within their warehouses. These locations can be customized based on the user’s preferred naming conventions or existing warehouse layout.
  • Bulk Location Update: The software allows users to update product locations in bulk, saving time and effort when reorganizing inventory or relocating products within their warehouses. This feature is particularly useful when dealing with a large inventory volume.
  • Search and Filter: Users can search for specific products by name, SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), or other attributes to quickly identify their current locations. They can also use filters to narrow down the search results based on various criteria.
  • Reporting and Analytics: The Product Location Manager may provide reporting and analytics features to track inventory movements, identify trends and optimize warehouse operations. Users can generate reports on product location changes, stock levels and other relevant metrics to make informed decisions.
  • Integration with Sales Channels: VendorElite’s Product Location Manager integrates with various sales channels and marketplaces, allowing for real-time inventory updates across all platforms. This ensures accurate stock availability and prevents overselling or underselling.

By effectively managing product locations through VendorElite’s Product Location Manager, online retailers can minimize inventory errors, reduce fulfillment time and improve overall customer satisfaction. It provides a centralized solution for inventory control, simplifying the complex task of managing stock across multiple channels and warehouses.

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