Automatic Price Manager in VendorElite
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VendorElite is a software platform that provides various tools and features for e-commerce businesses, including an automatic price manager. The automatic price manager in VendorElite helps sellers dynamically adjust their product prices based on market conditions, competitor pricing and other factors.

Data Gathering:

The automatic price manager gathers relevant data from various sources, such as marketplaces, competitors’ prices, historical sales data and pricing rules set by the seller.

Rule Configuration:

Sellers can define their pricing rules and strategies within the VendorElite platform. These rules can be based on factors like profit margin, target sales volume, desired profit percentage, or competitive positioning.

Real-Time Monitoring:

The automatic price manager continuously monitors the market conditions, competitor prices and other relevant factors in real-time.

Price Optimization:

Based on the defined rules and real-time data, the automatic price manager calculates the optimal price for each product listing. It considers factors like demand, competition, stock levels and pricing objectives.

Price Adjustments:

When the automatic price manager identifies a need for price adjustments, it updates the prices of the relevant product listings on the respective marketplaces automatically. This process can be done periodically or in near real-time, depending on the configuration.

Performance Evaluation:

The automatic price manager tracks the performance of the pricing strategy and provides analytics and reports to sellers. This helps to evaluate the effectiveness of the pricing decisions and make adjustments if necessary.

By leveraging an automatic price manager within VendorElite, sellers can optimize their pricing strategies, remain competitive in the market and maximize their profitability while minimizing the manual effort required monitoring and adjusting prices manually.

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