Loreal Professionnel Paris Majirel Majirouge Carmilane Rubilane C6.64 Dark Red Copper Blonde Permanent Ionene G Incell Hair Color Euro-Pack-For-6.64/6RC 1.7 Ounce 50 Milliliters

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Loreal Majirouge C6.64-Red Copper 1.7oz Pure, vibrant, and sophisticated red tones with 100% coverage of white hair. Majirouge is ideal for the daring all-over reds and even the more partial high-fashion flashes of bold reds. It lightens up to 3 levels and perfectly covers grey hair. The ultra-creamy texture allows for smooth application for an even-looking color result from root to tip. Majirouge contains three innovative key technologies including Carmilane, Rubilane and DM5 technologies offering pure and intense reflects within selected intense coppers and bold red shades.

Made in Spain

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