Loreal Professionnel Paris Majirel Cool Cover 4/4N Natural Brown Ionene G Incell Permanent Hair Color 1.7 Ounce 50 Milliliters

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LOreal Professionnel Majirel COOL COVER Ionene G Incell Hair Color 1.7oz (CC 4/4N) delivers natural and long-lasting color with added benefits after every use. This effective product of LOreal is formulated with a groundbreaking gel-cream formula that facilitates easy blending. Moreover, the precise application of this shade of LOreal makes your hair healthy, shiny, and conditioned. This is suitable for all kinds of hair. This product gives you a natural shade of black to your hair which would appear dissimilar to other blue-black hair dyes. The consistency of this product promotes better binding of color to hair. This would make your gray and white hairs cover properly. This fabulous product with a cool aromatic fragrance enhances your comfort levels by making you relaxed. The technology involved in the formulation of LOreal includes effective hair growth-enhancing and color-providing ingredients such as Incell Complex and Ionene G. Besides, these ingredients would also strengthen and protect your hair by deep conditioning or you could prefer this product for better shinier true to tone looks. These color tubes are imported from Europe and display in the European System of shad .....More