Loreal Professionnel Paris Dia Richesse #4 Dark Brown Demi-Permanent Creme Color Euro-Pack-For-4/4N 1.7 Ounce 50 Milliliters

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Loreal Dia Richesse #4 (Euro-Pack-For- 4/4N) Professional Hair Color Brown Dia Richesse is an ammonia-free and tone-on-tone coloration process that illuminates natural hair color. Use this for rich, deep reflects and exceptionally soft feel. This is ideal for blending away your first grey hairs leaving it with natural-looking color. Improved white hair coverage up to 70% on base shades. The coloring lasts up to 4 weeks. Use this for 105 levels of lightning.

Made in Spain.

*This is a professional product and should be used only by a trained individual. The seller is not liable for any adverse outcome resulting from the use of this product.