Oligo Calura 5 Neutral Permanent Shine Hair Color 2 Ounce 60 Milliliters

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Oligo Calura 5 Neutral Permanent Shine Hair Color 2oz/60ml The permanent shine hair color by Oligo Professional introduces the Calura system of hair colors with exothermic technology, ammonia, and PPD free. This is of pure organic essence and contains keratin. The exothermic technology maximizes dye penetration and minimizes hair damage. There is an increase in temperature from +4 degree Celcius to +11 degree Celcius to achieve desired results. This offers ultimate white coverage, 2 to 5 level of lift, and long-lasting fashion shades. This product is designed to be used and sold by trained professionals. Purchaser is completely liable for an outcome from the use of this product and will not hold the seller responsible for unwanted results or damage to hair, skin, nails, or health.