Oligo Blacklight Nourishing Conditioner For Highlighted Bleached And Color Treated Hair 8.5 Ounce 250 Milliliters

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Oligo Blacklight Nourishing Conditioner Highlighted/Colored Hair 8.5oz/250ml This paraben-free nourishing conditioner is formulated for highlighted, bleached, and color-treated hair. Blacklight’s technology offers vibrant blondes while maintaining shiny, healthy, and hydrated hair. This is enriched with 11 amino acids and argan oil. Its unique formula moisturizes, strengthens hair structure and repairs surface damage while increasing shine and color retention. Apply this on well-shampooed hair, leave it for 2 - 5 minutes and rinse. This product is designed to be used and sold by trained professionals. Purchaser is completely liable for an outcome from the use of this product and will not hold the seller responsible for unwanted results or damage to hair, skin, nails, or health.