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There are multiple ways to use Schwarzkopf IGORA Vibrance:

  • Dual System Application
  • Full Head Application
  • Glossing
  • Pastel Toning


It is a professional application method that combines permanent hair color for the re-growth area with demi-permanent hair color for the mid-lengths and ends. This system keeps hair lengths and ends in optimal condition for a more vibrant shine and a gentle touch.

  • It uses a 1:1 mixing ratio with Schwarzkopf Igora Vibrance Activator Lotionor Schwarzkopf IGORA Vibrance Activator Gel. This method allows for root coverage while maintaining the health and vibrance of hair ends.
  • On dry hair, apply Igora Royalto root regrowth and allow it to develop for 10-20 minutes.
  • Apply Igora Vibrance to mid-lengths and ends and develop for further 10-20 minutes.
  • Rinse, wash, and style.


  • Start the application on dry or towel-dried hair
  • Part the hair into 4 quadrants
  • Apply evenly from re-growth to mid-lengths and ends
  • Development time: 10 – 20 min.


  • New Igora Vibrance comes with 8 new toners and a new clear 0-00
  • Use to neutralize after lightening services or to create beautiful pastel tones

PASTEL TONING:                

  • Pre-Lighten hair to level 9 or lighter
  • Apply IGORA VIBRANCE Toner evenly to towel-dried hair
  • Development time: develop visually for 5-20 min.


  • Start the application on dry hair.
  • Isolate selected strands in foils or work with a freehand technique to create multi-dimensional results
  • Development time: 10 – 20 min.


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