How to Mix Loreal Majirel Hair color? Professionel LOREAL MAJIREL Usage and it’s Benefits.
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How to Mix Loreal Majirel Hair color?

1. Mixture

       The Majirel cream is used in a mixture, one 50 ml tube is blended with 75 ml of Loreal Professionel 20 volume (6%) cream oxydant to lighten up to 2 levels. To lighten up to 3 levels. Choose Loreal Professionel 30 volume (9%) cream oxydant.

  • Wear suitable disposable gloves.
  • Use exclusively with the recommended oxidants, 30 volume (9%) maximum.
  • Do not use with hydrogen peroxide greater than 30 volume (9%).
  • Use only the proportions indicated.
  • Do not use metallic tools (clips, comb).
  • The product can be mixed in a Loreal Professionel shaker or a non-metallic bowl.
  • Mix until a rich creamy texture is obtained.  When a shaker is used, open immediately after mixing to avoid the shaker bursting and damage from the product overflowing.

2. Application and Rinsing

              Apply to the roots of dry, unwashed hair with a tint brush (see Take Through techniques).  Begin application at the roots.  Total development time: 35 minutes. After the development time, gently emulsify. Rinse hair thoroughly after the development time until water runs clear. Use specific shampoo for colored hair: Loreal Professionel PRO classics Color.

  • Wear suitable disposable gloves.
  • Do not use metallic tools (clips, comb).
  • Apply generously to the roots to ensure excellent coverage of white hair.
  • Follow the recommended development time.
  • During the development time, the color of the mixture will change. This is normal and has no effect on the final color result.
  • Rinse the hair well after the development time.

3. Coverage

     Majirel perfectly covers white hair.

  • 0% to 50% white hair: apply the desired color.
  • 50% to 100% white hair: mix the desired color in a 50:50 ratio with a Majirel a basic or Gold Basic shade on the same level, and Loreal Professionel 20 volume (6%) cream oxydant.
  • Take Through Techniques
  • Color change = take through immediately.
  • Same color but faded = take through halfway through the development time.
  • Same color = take through 5 minutes before the end of the development time.

Note: When a white hair mixture is applied to the roots, take through with reflect only.

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