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                Silklift control offers high-performance premium lightener for powerful lift and tone control. It is enriched with pigments that are stable during and after the lightening process. It is ideal for all lightening services such as highlights, full-head bleaching and regrowth retouch. It is predictable, clean, neutral blonde even on pre-colored hair and darker bases such as level 5–8. It offers up to 7 levels of lift plus controlling pigments.

Two types of SilkLift Control:

  1. SilkLift Control Beige
  • It is for neutral, clean blonde on level 6–8 and natural or pre-colored hair.
  • Lift and tone control.
  • Neutral on lighter levels (8).
  • Clean on darker levels (6)
  1. SilkLift Control Ash
  • It is for neutral, cool blonde on level 5–7 and natural or pre-colored hair.
  • Lift and tone control.
  • Cool on lighter levels (7).
  • Clean on darker levels (5)

Lotion: Cream Developer with Silk Protein Complex and IntraLipid Technology provides hair with instant conditioning.

Lightener:  High Performance Lightener with tone control, enriched with color pigments providing a clean and natural blonde.

Stabilizer The Tone Stabilizer ensures that the color pigments remain stable during and after the lightening process.


Only for on-scalp usage use SilkLift Cream Developer Lotion up to 6% (20 vol.). 

To reduce the intensity of the tone mix SilkLift Control with SilkLift Strong 1:1.

To intensify the color brilliance apply Colorance Express Toning after the lightening service.

After a retouch service perform Colorance as an overall toner to refresh the blonde.

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